Our team is a diverse yet perfectly balanced collective of highly innovative board members, efficient senior management and highly talented and dynamic industry experts who are leading the vision and philosophy of the company.

  • Sneh ZaveriManaging Director

    An alumnus of Greenwich University London - Master in International Business, Mr. Sneh Zaveri spearheads the Real Estate Business at Zaveri Realty. Like a true visionary who believes in “actions speak louder than words”, he has pioneered the concept of an exceptional modern lifestyle and efficient workspaces catering to the new generation of Indian global families and professionals. Apart from realty, he also holds profound acumen in the power sector and the stock market business. He has an innate prowess to transform an idea into a blueprint, and ultimately, into an architectural genius.

  • Vihar SolankiAdmin, Finance & Account Head

    Just like a towering building needs a sturdy foundation, a reputed company needs a strong backbone that has been with the company through thick and thin. Being the oldest member, Mr. Vihar Solanki is the very backbone of Zaveri Realty. He is a multipotentialite who performs behind the scenes by heading the pillar departments at Zaveri Realty – Admin, Finance, and Accounts. Having weathered numerous changing seasons of the real estate market, he believes in “survival of the ones that are the most adaptable to change” as opposed to “survival of the fittest”.

  • Vishal SainiSales Head

    Mr. Vishal Saini is the front face of Zaveri Realty. He leads the Sales and Marketing Division, and holds to his credit a proven track record of being a vital catalyst in the growth of the company. Problem-solving is like his second nature, and he is an untiring powerhouse of innovative sales-focused ideas. He believes that time is of the essence, and is thus prompt in his responses. Thanks to this, Zaveri Realty has successfully built lasting relationships with a diverse cohort of clients and brokers, as well as an influential PR network.