Our team is a diverse yet perfectly balanced collective of highly innovative board members, efficient senior management and highly talented and dynamic industry experts who are leading the vision and philosophy of the company.

  • Sneh Zaveri

    Sneh Zaveri completed his masters in International Business, Greenwhich University in London. He is a professional with rich experience in the realty sector, he is responsible for the Real Estate Buiness in the Zaveri Group.

    Sneh is a visionary who believes in creating memorable experiences for his customers and buyers, thus ensuring lifelong association. He has created a unique real estate platform that caters to the intricate needs of modern lifestyles.

    His dedicated endeavours have channelized his mission to efficiently develop exceptional living and working spaces for the new Indian global professionals.

    Experience : 8 years in real estate & power business.

    Profile : Looks after the real estate, power sector & stock market business.